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Off to GDC

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

It’s mid-day Saturday. I’m on a plane in less than 20 hours bound for San Francisco, to join the celebration that is GDC (the Game Developer’s Conference).

It’s a packed week for me. The past couple years I attended back-to-back Indie Game Summit talks on Monday+Tuesday, but this year I’m planning to jump around a bit more. My iPod touch calendar is filled with the most interesting talks that my Summits pass will let me in to, including some Wednesday->Friday. Should be fun.

Tuesday night, we’re having another Ludum Dare meetup at GDC, detail here.

Friday we’re looking to have an impromptu GameJam. We’re still ironing out the details, but check the Ludum Dare site for details.

That, plus various talks, meetings, and good ‘ol hanging-out/chatting with fellow developers. I’m looking forward to this year being a nice somewhat relaxed GDC for me – No managing an exhibit booth, or getting (*ahem*) confident for 3x on camera interviews – Just straight-up GDC’ing.

* * *

Looking briefly at my prior post, it does seem I’m well behind schedule (hehe). Lots has been going on, but none of it finished yet, so here the blog sat for nearly 2 months. I’m literally writing this post just to get something in for February, hehe. I wish I had something to photograph and show, but I’m just not ready to announce some of the crazy new stuff yet.

Ah well, back to packing…