Linux Complaints

Well, more things I’m expecting to work but don’t.

  • Can’t Full-Screen a Flash Video, and multitask (the video de-full-screens upon click)
  • With multiple monitors, full-screening flash gets confused (doesn’t fill full screen)
  • Clicking an App Icon on Ubuntu doesn’t minimize (by design, but it’s stupid)
  • In some parts of Ubuntu, the Backspace key acts like a back key. In other places, it does not.
  • CTRL+Insert, SHIFT+Delete, SHIFT+Insert are not Copy, Cut, Pastes.
  • File Open/Save Dialogs lack things installed in Nautilus, such as my Mercurial Plugin (Tortoise Hg)
  • Nautilus (in Ubuntu 13.10 anyway), when you type stuff it does a system wide search instead of jumping to a file in a current directory (apparently this has been addressed for the upcoming Ubuntu 14.4).
  • Nautilus lacks a nice way to just type a file url (and copy them).

That is all (for now).