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PHP Mad Notebook

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

This isn’t a blog. It’s a notebook.

APCu Functions

Arguments in []’s are optional. Cross reference with APC docs. PECL Page. Github.

Iterator functions are omitted, but also available.

The above is a cleaned up version of what’s output by "php --re apcu".

Perl-like ?: Operator

From Tips.

Data Format: Raw PHP variables (var_export)

To serialize something to disk in the fastest way PHP can read it, you make it source code by calling var_export. Whenever the file changes, it should cause a cache miss with OPcache.

To use it:

Alternatively, if you store it a different way:

But this will cause OPcache to miss every time.

Data Format: JSON (decode, encode)

Apparently this is the fastest encoder, as of PHP 5.3. Benchmarks.

json_decode, json_encode, json_last_error

Data Format: Serialize, Unserialize

A faster decoder (slower encoder), and types/classes persist.

serialize, unserialize

Data Format: IGbinary

An alternative, external binary encoder/decoder. According to benchmarks, the fastest. (PECL)

Smaller too.

Tips and Tricks:

Data Format: CSV

Reading Only.

Data Format: XML

Reading Only (there is writing, but it seems more difficult).

If you prefer Array format (like me), here’s a function.

Then simply

Data Format: HTML

Use Simple HTML DOM parser. (Manual)

Data Format: String Delimiter

explode, implode


val and type juggling