Connecting to devices via a Serial USB cable

Short set of notes.

The most reliable way I’ve found to connect to a remote device is to open a connection immediately after connecting the USB cable to the PC.

At this time, I haven’t figured out a clean way to disconnect and reconnect without physically unplugging. Closing the screen session (ESC->CTRL+A->SHIFT+D->SHIFT+D) makes follow-up connections via the same line unreliable.

EDIT: This should work:

Connections require the Black GND (Ground), White TX (Transmit), Green RX (Receieve) pins connected. Connecting the Red VCC (Power) pin is STRONGLY discouraged.


Other methods:

And if you’re feeling silly, data can be send directly to the connected TTY like so.


I’m running Armbian (Ubuntu 14.04) on my Banana.