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Chaotic Git Merging Notes

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

I recently had a situation where a pair of devs were working on some code, and shared that code between them. I unfortunately wasn’t around to act as an intermediary and merge in to mainline for them. This resulted in 3 separate Push Requests with a number of conflicting changes. Add to that I started merging one set of changes, making my own changes, only to later realize there was all this overlap, so I’d effectively turned this in to a 4-way merge conflict. Oops!

To make this more manageable, I removed my conflict from the picture. To make my changes properly, I need to see the final result of the 3 Push Requests merged in to one. So I created a new Uber Push Request that combined (and fixed) the conflicts between the 3.

To get there, I had to learn more about GIT. 🙂